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In Memory of
Robert Podwil

No Overhead
Experience the advantages of a large law firm without the associated expense. There is no cost to you for training, vacations, benefits, equipment, supplies, office space or access to on-line databases.

Cost Efficient
We will decrease your work load and increase your profit margin. Higher paid attorneys can focus their expertise on advising clients. Lower priced I.P. Paralegal Services® will draft your documents and correspondence, conduct your research and coordinate the prosecution of your patent and trademark applications.

You can bill your clients for the work performed by I.P. Paralegal Services®.

We are supervised by, and work exclusively for lawyers, and do not provide services directly to the public.

I.P. Paralegal Services® is proficient in on-line research, using a variety of public databases and the internet to meet your research and information demands.

Experience and Reliability
President and Freelance Paralegal, Marilyn A. founded I.P. Paralegal Services® in 1995. Ms. has specialized in intellectual property law and on-line database research since 1988. Working under the supervision of the late patent and trademark attorney Robert C. Podwil, she acquired excellent skills, particularly in the field of Intellectual Property. Marilyn gets rave reviews wherever she goes and is a master at accomplishing tasks using computers, software, scanners, on-line databases, and the World Wide Web. Please see our References and Resume links.

Ms. holds a Bachelor's Degree from Penn State and a Master's Degree from Brandeis University. Marilyn is a member of the International Trademark Association (INTA) (serving on the Membership Committee), the National Federation of Paralegal Associations (NFPA), the Philadelphia Association of Paralegals (PAP), the Greater Philadelphia Law Librarians Association (GPLLA) and the Pennsylvania Association of Notaries (PAN).

Confidentiality and Ethics
I.P. Paralegal Services® respects the confidentiality of its Lawyer-clients as well as Lawyers' own ethical obligations to maintain the confidentiality of their clients' information. Please to see our Ethics link and download our Confidentiality Agreement.

Intellectual Property
You don't have to spend valuable time training us in this specialized field of practice, in the U.S. and around the world. We are highly knowledgeable in patent, trademark and copyright law. We have supported lawyers who have prosecuted patents and trademarks in almost every country of the world. We also maintain our own intellectual property library. Please see our links for Trademarks, Patents and the World Wide Web.

You're Not an Intellectual Property Lawyer?
One of the missions of I.P. Paralegal Services® is to provide the highest quality and quantity of vital information to our valued clients: Lawyers in all areas of law.

To accomplish this vital mission, I.P. Paralegal Services subscribe only to qualitative public records databases available both on and off the World Wide Web. Please see our link for Databases.

What Do the Courts Say About Such Services?
"[W]e conclude that given the appropriate instructions and supervision, paralegals, whether as employees or independent contractors, are valuable and necessary members of an attorney's team in the effective and efficient practice of law." In re: Opinion 24 of the Committee on the Unauthorized Practice of Law, 128 N.J. 114 (1992).

[E]ncouraging the use of lower cost paralegals rather than attorneys wherever possible, ... "encourages cost-effective delivery of legal services ..." Missouri v. Jenkins, 491 U.S. 274, 109 S. Ct. 2463, 2471, n.10(9).

What Does the American Bar Association Say?
"Legal Assistant [Paralegal] Associate: Persons qualified through education, training or work experience who are retained by a lawyer, law office, government agency or other entity to perform specifically delegated legal work which requires sufficient knowledge of legal concepts and which otherwise would be performed by an attorney in the absence of a legal assistant." American Bar Association, Associate Membership Application.

Do You Still Have Questions?

Contact us by form if you have additional questions or needs. We will try to answer whatever questions you may have. If you prefer, you may call us Toll Free at (888) 376-9700 or (215) 654-1962 or fax us at (215) 654-1472. Thank you.

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