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  Trademark Services

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  • Conduct On-line Trademark Searches

    • Access to numerous on-line databases especially, Saegis®, and many more.
    • U.S., State, Canada, Europe
    • Trademark images, assignment information, pharmaceuticals-in-use and pending litigations
    • Common law, Domain Names
    • Trademark Official Gazette of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
    • Watch service

  • Obtain Full Trademark Searches

    • Europe, Asia, Australia, Middle East and Africa, North, Central and South America (with or without local opinions)
    • Full U.S. Availability Searches including State, Federal, Common Law, Internet and Domain Names.

  • Prepare U.S. and Foreign Documents

    • Draft Proposed Mark Opinion Letters, Trademark and Service Mark Applications, Research Descriptions Goods and Services, Assignments, Sections 8 & 15s and Renewals, Responses to Office Actions, ITU Extensions and Statements of Use and Statements of Alleged Use, Notices of Opposition, Petitions to Cancel, Letters of Protest, Foreign Powers of Attorney, etc.
    • Correspond with Foreign Agents for Major Trademark Application Filings including preparations of Powers of Attorney, Declarations, Obtaining Drawings, Printing Blocks, responses to Office Actions, etc.
    • Register U.S. Trademark Registrations with U.S. Customs
    • Obtain Certified documents and file histories, coordinate legalization of documents.

  • Our Intellectual Property Library and Resources
    • 37 C.F.R.
    • Trademark Manual of Examining Procedures (TMEP)
    • Trademark Trial and Appeal Board Manual of Procedure (TBMP)
    • Trademark Acceptable Identification of Goods and Services Manual
    • World Trademark Law and Practice (from Matthew Bender)
    • Trademarks Throughout the World (from West)
    • Epstein on Intellectual Property (from Aspen Law & Business)
    • Intellectual Property Legal Opinions (from Aspen Law & Business)
    • Thomson & Thomson® and for Full U.S., Canadian, European and Pharmaceutical-In-Use Searches
    • Saegis® for On-Line Searching
    • Thomas Register of American Manufacturers
    • Trademark Law Interactive Drafting System (from Matthew Bender)
    • I.P. LegalForm (from LegalStar)
    • IP/CTS (docketing software) (from FlexTrac, Inc.)
    • Our extensive network of international trademark attorneys

  • Organization and Efficiency
    • Organize and track major worldwide filing projects and assignments 
    • Track foreign character trademarks and their English equivalents
    • Set-up and maintain client's files
    • Docket all U.S. and Foreign Patent, Trademark and Copyright properties and licenses using FlexTrac®.

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