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  Patent Search Services

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  • Conduct On-line Patent Searches
    • Access numerous on-line databases including Questel-Orbit® and several web sites
    • Prior Art, family patents, inventors, assignees, classifications, drawings, assignments, reexaminations, reinstatements, expirations and pending litigations
    • U.S. and PCT Watch service of competitors' inventions through Gazettes
    • Patent information is very valuable for finding out what others are doing, for locating new technologies to license, and to measure rates of progress in other fields.
    • Register U.S. Patents with U.S. Customs

  • Prepare U.S. and Foreign Documents Electronically
    • PCT Demands and Requests and related documents electronically
    • Transmittals, Declarations, Powers of Attorney, Small Entity Declarations, Assignments, Missing Parts, IDS and Forms PTO/SB/08A & 08B (formerly Form 1449) with references, Corrected Drawings, Correct Inventorship, Restriction Requirements, Draft responses to Office Actions, etc.
    • Pay Issue Fees, Maintenance Fees, Annuities, Obtain Official Drawings, Proofread Patents
    • Obtain Certified Documents, File Histories and Foreign, Coordinate Legalization of Documents

  • Our Intellectual Property Library and Resources
    • 37 C.F.R.
    • Manual of Patent Examining Procedures (MPEP)
    • PCT Applicant's Guide
    • Patent Office Rules and Practice by Horwitz (Forms only)
    • Patent Law Interactive Drafting System on CD-ROM, derived from Patent Office Rules and Practice by Lester Horwitz, automates the completion of forms for almost every area of patent practice before the PTO and provides a neat, crisp form for submission to the Office.
    • Manual of Industrial Property for Handling of Applications for Patents, Designs and Trade Marks Throughout the World
    • Questel-Orbit® for On-Line Patent Searching

  • Organization and Efficiency
    Organize and track major worldwide filing projects and assignments Complete U.S. and PCT forms electronically from stored client information.

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