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Intellectual Property Specialists for Lawyers
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  Copyright Services Provided by I.P. Paralegal Services

  • Conduct On-Line LOCIS Search

    • Works registered since January 1978

    • Serials (periodicals, magazines, journals, newspapers, etc.) registered since January 1978

    • Documents relating to ownership, name change, and transfers

  • Conduct On-site Copyright Search

    • Search card catalog and microfiche in Copyright Office located at Library of Congress covering item back to 1898

    • Search for specific copyrighted item. Search by subject matter not available.

  • Obtain U.S. Full Copyright Search or Script Clearance

    • Determines copyright status and ownership of a specified property

    • Fulfills requirements for Errors and Omissions Insurance

  • Prepare Copyright Documents For Filing

    • Published or unpublished works of the performing arts

    • Published or unpublished works of the visual arts

    • Serials (newspaper, image, newsletter, annuals, journals, etc.)

    • Registration of group of serials

    • Copyright renewals

    • Registrations of masked works fixed in a semiconductor chip

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