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Narberth Family Medicine & Acupuncture Center
822 Montgomery Avenue, Suite 315, Narberth, Pennsylvania 19072
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Services Available:

Family Medicine
Preventive medicine, routine health care, and physicals are provided for all ages. Emphasis is placed on interactive decision making between you and the physician.

Osteopathic Manipulation (OMT)
A hands on technique performed by the physician to improve and restore joint function and mobility and reduce pain. OMT is very effective at treating common neck and back injuries. OMT encompasses a wide variety of techniques ranging from gentle soft tissue (myofascial) to more forceful (high velocity). The technique used depends on the age health and preference of the patient.

An ancient form of energy testing used to check nervous system balance.

Chelation therapy
A non-surgical approach to improving circulation and removing toxins. Chelation therapy is an IV treatment with EDTA, a synthetic amino acid, given to remove toxins such as heavy metals and calcium from the circulation, The removal of these toxins reduces free radical damage to cells and softens arterial plaque thereby reversing "hardening of the arteries". Chelation therapy also involves high dose antioxidant vitamins and mineral supplementation to optimize the bodies healing potential

Oxidative Therapy
Oxidation is the chemical process when a molecule looses an electron. The body uses oxidation as its first line of defense against bacteria, virus, yeast and parasites. Intravenous hydrogen peroxide treatments are used to stimulate natural immunity.

An oxidative therapy based on Ultraviolet irradiation of the blood.

IV Vitamin therapy
Many diseases and illnesses can be aggravated by vitamin deficiency. A vitamin supplement or high dose intravenous vitamins can be considered an insurance policy to reduce the risk of illness. If you are concerned about the level of vitamins in your diet or your absorption of these nutrients, levels can be tested from a blood sample.

Far more than a technique of inserting tiny thread-like needles along meridian lines of the body, acupuncture's complex system of diagnostic corollaries take into consideration the person as a whole, not just isolated symptoms. Acupuncture is practiced based on discerning the" pattern of disharmony" and treating accordingly. Modern acupuncture utilizes other modalities as well, such as herbal medicine, moxibustion, exercise, and nutrition. Acupuncture treats to strengthen the physical condition, prevent disease, and achieve longevity.

Dietary counseling, vitamins, minerals enzymes, herbs

Eastern and Western herbs. Herbal medication has been used effectively throughout the world for centuries. Herbs can be used in place of or in addition to modern pharmaceuticals.

Biosensitivity & Enzyme Therapy
An allergy eliminating technique using digestive enzymes and energetic technique to clear environmental, food , and seasonal allergies

Pain Reduction with Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field Therapy.  PAP-IMI is an non-invasive therapy to reduce pain an swelling and increase range of motion. The PAP-IMI is an advanced electrotherapeutic diathermy device that produces unique bio-energetic magnetic field pulses characterized as having a fast rise time, strong power, and short duration.The PAP-IMI achieves its therapeutic effects by generating high amplitude electromagnetic pulses of very rapid rise time (nanoseconds) and short duration (microseconds). For more information visit PAPIMI.com

Swedish, Thai, Shiatsu