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Narberth Family Medicine & Acupuncture Center
822 Montgomery Avenue, Suite 315, Narberth, Pennsylvania 19072
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Our Philosophy:

Narberth Family Medicine is a holistic, alternative medical practice, emphasizing interactive decision making between doctor and patient.

Interactive decision making means that the patient and the doctor decide together on what course of action is best. Just like when you would consult an electrician or a plumber for the job you want done, you can often get different prices and recommendations from different contractors. The doctor visit should help the patient understand what health changes need to occur to get the job done.

Doctor in Latin means "one who teaches." While a physician may lead you to health, he or she cannot heal you. Healing is an internal process. The best surgeon in the world can not heal you from any ailment if after the surgery your body does not innately close the wounds, stop the bleeding, and repair the cut tissue.