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Serving Montgomery, Bucks, Chester, and Delaware Counties in Southeastern PA
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Frequently Asked Questions
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Are Wellcraft® Wells Code Compliant?
YES. All Wellcraft® Egress Window Wells comply with the International Residential Code (IRC) 2006 Egress Code for one and two family dwelling.

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Why is an egress window so important to the safety of my family?
95% of the homes built have a stairway that comes up from the basement into the kitchen or directly off the kitchen of the house. Most home fires originate in either the kitchen or the laundry room of a home. If the fire occurs in the kitchen you and/or your family members can become trapped in the basement. The egress system will enable you to safely exit the basement to a safe place outside the house.

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Do we get a warranty?


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What if I have a bedroom in the basement?
If you have a bedroom in the basement, the egress window system must be located within the bedroom. If you have two bedrooms in the basement, two egress window systems must be installed-one within each bedroom.

Black Spacer My basement is finished, can you still install the egress system?
Absolutely. Approximately 50% of our installations are performed in finished basements. We go through the normal installation procedures outside the house; however, the inside is painstakingly protected from damage or debris generated during the installation process. After the rough work is performed and the window is installed, the interior is refinished to match the existing decor as if the window had always been there.

Black Spacer How do you prevent my well from filling up with water?
First and foremost, the Wellcraft® egress well covers have hinges that are mechanically fastened to the house and/or well-they do not snap on! The cover, as the name implies, completely covers the well preventing water from entering the well and they are designed to shed water away from the house out into the yard. We also take the preventative measure of installing a drainage pipe in the bottom of the well within the crushed stone base. If your house is newer, we tie the drainage pipe to the existing foundation drain that the builder installed while building your house. If you house is older, we drill through the foundation wall and install the drainage pipe through the wall and terminate it into your existing sump pump.

Black Spacer I have a stone foundation, is that a problem?
Not at all. We have a mason who works with us on these types of installations. We dig the hole and the mason takes over. The mason takes the stone wall apart to create the required rough opening within the stone foundation. He installs an engineered steel angle to support the remaining stone above the opening. Then we proceed as usual with the remainder of the installation. Take a look at our Egress Project Gallery, there are several stone foundation projects contained within the Gallery.

Black Spacer Is there any maintenance required?
No. The exterior of the Wellcraft® egress system will be completely maintenance free. Once the unit is attached to the house and the cover is installed, there are no openings or crevices that water, debris and/or animals can enter.

Black Spacer I would like my window installed near utilities, is that a problem?
No. In ALL instances we place a PA 1 Call (ACT 287) which prompts all of the utility companies that provide services to your home to come out and mark the area where their lines and pipes are buried. There are many times we have to hand dig the hole because the desired egress location is in between the electrical service and the gas service. Look at our Egress Project Gallery. There are several photos that clearly show the utility lines that we have exposed during excavations and the final results of the installation with meters on both sides of the egress well.

Black Spacer You are cutting into the foundation, will that weaken the structure?
No. There are basically two scenarios. One, we are cutting into the gable end of the house which has virtually no loads bearing upon it (this is usually where the builder installs the standard basement windows) Second, we are cutting the rear wall of the house which does have load bearing on it. In this case we most often have our drawings signed, sealed and dated by a Pennsylvania Certified Engineer. This assures that no mistakes are made and the structural integrity of your house is not compromised.

Black Spacer Do you guarantee against water leaks?
If there is an existing water drainage issue near the proposed installation location, it must be addressed prior to the installation of the egress system. The manufacturer of our windows guarantee them for life against leaks due to seal failures and stress cracks in the glass.

Black Spacer How long will it take to perform the work?
If you have an unfinished basement, we can complete the installation in one day. If you have a finished basement, it will usually take one and a half days.

Black Spacer Will there be a mess left behind?
No. We take away all of the excavation dirt and the concrete cut-out. We utilize all of the stone that we bring by placing it at the base of the well and completely backfilling the cavity between the well and the earth. Then, as we remove our equipment, we do our best to be sure that there are no traces of us ever being there. Weather you have a finished basement or an unfinished basement, it will be meticulously cleaned upon completion of the installation.

Black Spacer Do I need a permit for the work?
Yes. A permit is required in all Townships for this type of work. We will complete and submit all of the paperwork required to obtain the permit; however, due to the diverse fees imposed by the Townships, we do not pay for the permit. After the Township determines the cost, we will request a check from you, made out to the Township, for the cost of the permit.

Black Spacer Do you have the proper Insurance coverage?
Yes we do. We have General Liability Coverage, Commercial Vehicle Coverage, Rental Equipment Coverage and Workman's Compensation Coverage. As of January 2008, all of these insurances must be presented, via Certificates of Insurance, to the Township at the time of registration with the Township.

Black Spacer How fast can I get a price?
We will respond to your phone call or internet request within 24 hours. However, we do not give you a "low-ball" price quote over the phone or internet just to get into your house. Rather, we will contact you to schedule an appointment that is convenient to you. We will come to your home, listen to your needs, assess the situation, make recommendations and provide you with a guaranteed price for your new egress system.

Black Spacer I have decided to use ESI, how do we begin?
  • First, we must come out to your house so that we can take a look at what you would like to do.
  • Since we offer four different Wellcraft® Egress Wells and two different covers, we must determine which one would suite your needs the best. Then we take measurements to determine elevations.
  • Within 24 hours, we will email you your Proposal with a guaranteed price.
  • Print the Proposal, sign it, and mail it to the office with a modest deposit check.
  • Immediately upon receipt of the Proposal, we will begin putting the package together for the permit submission to the Township.
  • Upon receiving the approved permit from the Township, we will make the PA 1 Call to have the utilities marked out.
  • After the utilities are marked out, we contact you to schedule the work to be performed within the next few days.


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