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Q: What's New and Exciting In Ambler, PA?

A: M2 Creations, located at 101 N. Main Street and Forest Ave., Ambler, PA 19002

M2 Creations' co-owners, Mary Vandegrift and Monica Prozzillo, have combined their talents to create the perfect place to find unique gift items for ladies of all ages. Better yet, you don't have to wait for a gift-giving opportunity to stop in. You can spoil yourself and your daughter anytime, for no reason at all.

Main Street Ambler, PA's newest boutique, features various sizes of leather handbags by Butler Bags and Big Buddha as well as designer jewelry. M2 Creations manages to set itself apart from other womens' boutiques by carrying handcrafted handbags, hand embroidered scarves, jewelry and other accessories created on-site by Monica herself.

For the young ladies, M2 designs, sews and personalizes carrying bags that can be used as dance bags, pajama bags, overnight bags, or for whatever a little girl can dream up. Made from organic cotton, these can also be decorated and personalized with embroidered wording or other designs. Bring your ideas and pictures along. You will be amazed at the results!

And if all this isn't enough, M2 brings back some services that were all but forgotten, including on-site sewing, dress alterations, tailoring and monogramming. They have even handled emergencies, making for some very happy customers. You can also make an appointment for these services, just give Monica or Mary a call.

Not to be outdone, M2 also creates custom wall art, and theme party novelties such as table centerpieces, balloon art and tablecloths. Bring your ideas in and let the ladies at M2 Creations make them a reality.

M2 Creations hours of operation:
Mon: 12:30 - 4, Tue: 10 - 4, Wed: 10 - 5, Thu: 10 - 5, Fri: 10 - 5, Sat: 10 - 6

And don't worry about parking, there is usually plenty of parking available on Main Street or Forest Avenue.

Ph: 215-896-3272

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Wall Art Ballerina

Gypsy Created from Foam Board with Painted Design

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